Looking for a fulfilling role working to develop the next generation of advanced powder processes? MAPP is recruiting for a number of posts at locations across the country.

  • As Research Associate in Additive Manufacturing MAPP EPSRC Future Manufacturing Hub you would be based at University of Sheffield - Faculty of Engineering - Department of Mechanical Engineering working on the research and development of powder-based Additive Manufacturing processes over a range of material types. The deadline for applications is June 2. For more information visit jobs.ac.uk
  • As Postdoctoral Research Assistant in Manufacture using Advanced Powder Processes you would be based at the Department of Materials, Parks Road, University of Oxford, conducting research into the manufacture, microstructure and properties of powders processed using the field assisted sintering technique (FAST). The research will investigate new variants and ideas based on FAST for the manufacture of controlled porosity in functional materials, joining, and layered and graded materials. The closing date for applications is June 5. For more information visit recruit.ox.ac.uk

  • As Research Associate: In Situ Imaging of Powder Processes / Additive you will join a dynamic group of academics, beamline scientists, post-docs and PhD students using in situ synchrotron, neutron and laser techniques to study advanced powder processes at the nano-structural to microstructural scales. The group is based in the Research Complex at Harwell on the Harwell Campus in Oxfordshire, the UK’s largest site for national laboratories, including the UK’s synchrotron light source, Diamond, ISIS Neutron Source and the Central Laser Facilities. The deadline for applications is June 11. For more information visit jobs.manchester.ac.uk