The MAPP Stand was a hit at the Exploring STEM for Girls event at the Octagon on the 4 May 2023.

2023 STEM 4

Around 280 pupils from 10 local schools attended the event, with the 3D pens attracting many visitors to the MAPP stand. A fun and easy-to-understand activity, pupils enjoyed creating butterflies from stencils and their own designs before moving on to learn how the 3D printer running on the stand worked.

2023 STEM 1

The powder matching game also proved to be popular, with pupils having to identify the materials using only a magnet, a set of scales and a few hints and tips from the MAPP Project Researchers on the stand. This provided a tangible link to the research carried out in MAPP, giving the pupils a chance to get hands on with the powders familiar to the MAPP team (including iron, tungsten, aluminium, and nylon) and giving them a deeper understanding of the different manufacturing processes at the cutting edge of research.

2023 STEM 5

2023 STEM 3
Pupils creating butterfly using 3D pens