MAPP Investigator Dr Candice Majewski, University of Sheffield, spoke at the two-day meeting Novel RF Materials and Manufacturing Techniques for Antennas.

The first day focused on research into the design of novel materials. The second day concentrated on the development of novel manufacturing techniques.

Dr Majewski’s presentation was titled Challenges and Opportunities for Materials in Additive Manufacturing. 

She said: "I see a lot of presentations focusing on all the reasons Additive Manufacturing is great, so this was a nice chance to give a talk centred around the reality and practicalities of these processes.  The main focus of my talk was around the potential areas in which powdered-polymer AM can provide potential benefits, and the things to be aware of when considering going down that route.  While some of the audience had some knowledge of AM techniques, a number of people said they'd learned a lot from the talk - so it was well worth attending!"

The colloquium focused on the unique combination of the development of novel materials and the manufacturing advances of RF components. It provided an opportunity for learning, networking and information sharing. It was held in Birmingham on Wednesday 7 and Thursday 8 February and more than 50 people attended.