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Looking for a fulfilling role working to develop the next generation of advanced powder processes?

MAPP is recruiting for the PhD posts below:

Development of novel powder routes for the manufacture of electrical drives and motors, University of Sheffield, Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Additive manufacture (AM) of metals is starting to become more widely accepted technology for the production of critical structural components. There is also evidence that we can, through careful control of processing conditions, generate materials with site-specific properties e.g. controlling the magnetic behaviour to make the material paramagnetic or ferromagnetic on demand. In this PhD we will seek to build on these observations and develop novel; routes for the manufacture of functioning electrical motors – looking at methods for developing and controlling magnetic and other material properties directly in the AM process.

The application deadline is Sunday, June 30, 2019. Visit for more information.

FAST-forge of AM metal-metal composites, University of Sheffield, Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Critical aerospace components manufactured from titanium alloys and nickel superalloys tend to be over-engineered due to the restrictive melt-wrought-machining route. Even powder processing routes utilising hot isostatic pressing for nickel superalloys have limitations due to the requirement of downstream thermomechanical processing. 

Over recent years hybrid powder consolidation processes FAST-forge and FAST-DB have demonstrated that titanium and nickel superalloys powders can be consolidated and forged in two steps to produce near net shape demonstrator parts such as rocker arms and connecting rods. Higher strength (and higher cost) alloys can be graded into different subcomponent regions to provide cost-effective subcomponent or site-specific properties. 

In this project, through EPSRC MAPP partners we aim to create a new processing route that will combine FAST-forge and AM technologies.

The application deadline is Sunday, June 30, 2019. Visit for more information.

Next generation multi-laser based additive manufacturing of metallic alloys, University of Sheffield, Department of Mechanical Engineering 

This exciting PhD opportunity within MAPP is to develop the next generation of laser based additive manufacturing systems. This PhD will work on developing a novel laser based additive manufacturing system for processing of highly reflective metallic alloys (e.g copper, aluminum based) with the potential to enhance component properties through microstructural control. The new system will use a standard 200W fibre laser and galvanometer scanning system (as typically used within commercial selective laser melting systems) but also integrate new and novel arrays of fibre/diode lasers at variable wavelengths (visible to near-infrared to maximise material absorbance) combined with laser optical pre-heating enabling control over residual stress build up and microstructural development. This is a fantastic opportunity to develop a completely unique system that has potential for uptake within high value industries such as automotive and aerospace. 

The application deadline is Saturday, August 31, 2019. Visit the Department of Mechanical Engineering for more information.