MAPP is proud to have been one of the sponsors of the 66th Hatfield Memorial Lecture.

The lecture titled Connection and Pathways Evolving from a Metallurgical Education at Sheffield University was given by Dr Jeffrey Wadsworth, former President and CEO of Battelle Memorial Institute.

Following his graduation from the Sheffield University Metallurgy Department, Dr Wadsworth embarked on a series of technical, management, and leadership challenges that all benefited from the education he received.

He initially joined Stanford University to develop superplasticity in steels which led to unexpected connections to the past including Damascus steels, ancient layered structures, and carbon dating of historical steel artifacts.

After joining Lockheed Missiles and Space Company the metallurgical principles learned at Sheffield were applied to the most exotic high temperature materials systems.

At the Lawrence Livermore Laboratory those same principles were applied in national security and energy fields and evolved into genomics. The complex interactions amongst National Security, energy, and the life sciences became a focus in helping establish the science and technology programs for the newly-formed Department of Homeland Security, as Director at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and finally at Battelle.

All of these programs had a foundation requiring an understanding of metallurgical and materials sciences but also world leading computer, neutron, and laser facilities. Neuroscience discoveries became part of the author’s scholarship programs amongst the University of Sheffield, Battelle, and The Ohio State and Carnegie Mellon universities along with research areas in materials science and engineering.