The ninth edition of the Centre for Advanced Structural Ceramics (CASC) Ceramic’s Summer School, Imperial College London, took place from Monday 10th to Wednesday 12th of September.

The first day was focused on mechanical properties of ceramics and their use in Thermal Barrier Coatings and Solid Oxide Fuel Cells, with the talks of Dr Finn Giuliani (Imperial College), Professor Ping Xiao (Manchester University) and Professor Alan Atkinson (Imperial College).

An image of people taking part in the Ninth CASC Summer School pictured outside Imperial College London

Members of the Additive Manufacturing Initiative for Transnational Innovation in Europe(AMITIE) project visited on Tuesday 11th September as the day was focused on additive manufacturing. There was a masterclass on the basics of additive manufacturing by Stephane Richaud (Saint Gobain) and Dr Andrea Zocca (BAM University and Young Ceramists Additive Manufacturing Network) together with two lab sessions focused on 3D Printing and on the demonstration of some of the mechanical properties discussed on the first day.

The ninth edition of the Summer School finished with the invited talk of Dr Rachid M’Saoubi (SECO Tools) that gave some industrial examples of the use of ceramics.

Professor Eduardo Saiz, who sits on the MAPP Executive Team directs CASC at Imperial College London and MAPP Investigator Professor Luc Vandeperre is CASC Deputy Director.

This article originally appeared on the Imperial College London website. Click here for more information on all nine CASC Summer Schools.