MAPP is pleased to share with you the new Annual Report 2020, which looks back at the highlights of 2019, including:

  • New publications from across the partners. Groundbreaking work conducted within MAPP has featured in leading journals such as Nature, Nature Communications and Acta Materialia.
  • Key research updates, highlighting the particular areas of focus for MAPP's research themes across the sites.
  • An overview of the exciting results from the successful projects in MAPP's first round of feasibility funding to UK academics eligible for EPSRC funding.
  • The Royal Academy of Engineering announcing ten years of support for Professor Peter Lee from UCL Mechanical Engineering as a world leader in applying synchrotron imaging to help develop more efficient, environmentally friendly and cost-effective additive manufacturing (AM) technologies.
  • The MAPP Lecture Series and public engagement events.
  • Download the report from the bottom of this page or click here to view on Issuu.