MAPP Investigator Dr Ali Hassanpour is one of the editors of  Powder Flow: Theory, Characterisation and Application.

Dr Hassanpour leads the Complex Systems and Processes research group at Leeds. His research is mainly focused on the characterisation of single particle properties and analysis of particles’ collective properties and behaviours using multi-scale modelling approaches such as Discrete Element Modelling (DEM). 

Written by leaders in the field, the book covers theory, robust characterisation techniques, modelling tools and applications.

It introduces the wide range of powder processing problems faced by industry, the complexities of powders and the ways their flow behaviour can be characterised.

By providing a comprehensive treatment of all available characterisation techniques, as well as various modelling tools, the reader obtains a clear, practical overview. Case studies and applications connect theory to practical examples across a broad range of industries.

It provides the reader with guidance on what to measure and how to interpret results.

The other editors are Colin Hare and Massih Pasha. Visit The Royal Society of Chemistry for more information and to pre-order the book.