This theme enables us to understand the complexity in powder systems and develop a systems-level approach to deepen understanding of their morphology and interaction.

The areas covered are:

  • P1.1: Powder Descriptors. To develop an understanding of the link between fundamental powder properties and their behaviour in process. Can we identify a minimum and critical set of powder descriptors for a given material and process combination?
  • P1.2: Two Phase Powder Flow. To understand and control the rheology of particle loaded flows for applications in printing. To develop extruded, freeze cast and printed parts with engineered (heterogeneous and/or anisotropic) microstructures. Note, this theme is being incorporated into P2.3 Future Manufacturing Platforms - Ceramics.
  • P1.3: Heterogeneous Powders. To monitor, understand and control the size distribution of particles in the gas atomisation process. Can we design and produce particles with new structures?
  • P1.4: Functionalisation of Powders. To design coatings which realise benefit during subsequent processing, e.g. coatings which protect metal powders for processing via Hot Isostatic Pressing.