MAPP is pleased to share with you the new Annual Report 2019, which looks back at the highlights of 2018, including:

  • New publications from across the partners. Groundbreaking work conducted within MAPP has featured in leading journals such as Nature, Nature Communications, Science Advances and Acta Materialia,
  • Key research updates, highlighting the particular areas of focus for MAPP's research themes across the sites,
  • MAPP's first round of feasibility funding to UK academics eligible for EPSRC funding which sees the hub now working with potential new collaborators from institutions and industrial partners new to its network,
  • Hosting the third Alloys for Additive Manufacturing Symposium (AAMS) which attracted more than 100 delegates and featured an outstanding set of speakers.
  • Case studies and features from some of MAPP's areas of expertise.

The report also includes information on the MAPP Lecture Series and public engagement events and looks forward to MAPP's continuing work on delivering its vision for the future.