• Status: Completed
  • Funder: Aerospace Technology Institute and Innovate UK
  • Project costs: £3,129,835
  • Funded value: £1,555,610
  • Funding period: March 2015 – February 2018
  • Organisations: GKN Aerospace Services Ltd, Metalysis Ltd, Phoenix Scientific Industries (PSI) Ltd, University of Leeds

TiPOW is an initiative by a consortium of leading UK companies proposing to define the requirements and develop the processing techniques to provide high quality Titanium powder; enabling the production of aerospace components via 3D printing or Additive Manufacturing (AM).

AM is a revolutionary manufacturing technology with the potential to enable the production of highly complex lightweight aircraft and aero-engine parts using advanced production systems that in some cases print parts layer by layer from metal powders. The advanced components produced by AM can be up to 50% lighter than conventional components; constructed using completely new and novel designs, resulting in substantial weight reduction and increased efficiency & performance. GKN, global Tier 1 supplier for the Aerospace and Automotive industries has partnered with Metalysis, PSI and the University of Leeds for this project; each bringing a wealth of experience and background managing technology collaborations.