Prof. Martin Jackson, MAPP's P2.2 Theme Lead, will be presenting on 'Towards Intelligent Processing and Recycling of the Next Generation of Titanium Alloy Products' at the East Midlands Materials Society - a local society of IOM3.


"Currently in the UK aerospace manufacturing industry, buy-to-fly ratios can be as high as 9:1 for titanium alloy components. The industry produces considerable amounts of machining swarf and there are increasing amounts of out-of-specification AM powder that are being stockpiled.
"In the first part of the presentation, disruptive technology that uses field-assisted sintering technology (FAST) to create near net shape components will be presented. With emerging UK supply chain partners, it is expected that a sustainable circular economy of aerospace waste can be used across defence and automotive industries without any significant changes to current infrastructure.
"The second part of the presentation will demonstrate how data can be mined during the (swarf generating) machining stage that provides fingerprint information about the service performance of the machined titanium alloy component."