18 Sep 2019

The Manufacturing Technology Centre, Coventry

About This Event

Join the MTC on Wednesday 18th September 2019 for the Open Hybrid Final Event and find out how Hybrid Additive Manufacturing (AM) can offer a solution for a wide range of machine platforms and applications for small and large companies.

OpenHybrid Objectives

A key objective of OpenHybrid is to make integration of the hybrid system onto any machine tool platform as easy as possible. The ability of a machine tool to be hybridised will be termed hybrid ready. The concept of hybrid ready will be tested in the project on a CNC machine based platform and large gantry based platform.

  • Increase the impact and uptake of hybrid AM technology for a wider range of machine tool platforms, process, materials and applications.
  • Develop a single manufacturing system capable of producing large, high volume and complex components without the need for materials handling or post-processing.
  • Develop an all-in-one hybrid additive and subtractive multi-tool platform using directed energy deposition (DED) additive manufacturing (known as cladding).
  • Integrate a machining process to enable fully finished components to be produced.
  • Can fit new part production or very effective repair technique.