This is MAPP's second joint workshop with the Centre for Additive Manufacture – Metal (CAM2) - following the success of 2021's workshop on Artificial Intelligence in Additive Manufacture (AM) which provided an opportunity to connect with about 180 colleagues and address some AM monitoring, control, and data challenges.

The joint workshop on Artificial Intelligence in Additive Manufacture, on Wednesday 5 October 2022, will cover the following topics:

  • In-process Control in Additive Manufacture
  • Data handling in AM
  • Process Modelling and Simulation
  • Digital qualification of processes and materials

The programme includes MAPP Director Prof. Iain Todd, Prof. Eduard Hryha, director of CAM2, and speakers from Chalmers, University of Sheffield, Carpenter Additive, Amexci AB, Siemens Energy, the University of Cambridge, Rolls-Royce plc.

AM allows almost unlimited freedom of component design for designers and engineers, enabling the direct manufacture of complex components that are not possible or feasible to produce by other technologies.

AM also has rather unexploited potential to offer materials engineers and metallurgists the freedom to control microstructure and materials properties in ways that were previously also seen as being “impossible”.

However, practical utilization of this potential requires an extremely high degree of control over the AM process on the micro-and macro-level. This requires the development of machine control and sensor technologies in combination with modelling and machine learning tools to enable process control and its tailoring to utilize the benefits of material and component design as well as to assure process robustness. 

Researchers, at CAM2 and MAPP, have been deeply involved in the development of new methods and strategies and their application to the control of the AM processes and components manufactured by AM. This joint workshop will focus on this research and the opportunities that the digitalisation of the AM process offers and the continuing research challenges that it presents.

The workshop will run as a hybrid event, with limited spaces available for in-person attendance.

In-person delegate rate £120.00
Virtual delegate rate £25.00


Joint CAM2 and MAPP hybrid workshop on Artificial Intelligence in Additive Manufacture