19 Nov - 20 Nov 2019

The Vox Conference Centre, Birmingham

The Aerospace Technology Institute (ATI) is at the heart of UK aerospace research and technology (R&T). Working collaboratively with Government, industry and the wider UK aerospace eco-system, the ATI sets the UK’s aerospace technology strategy (Raising Ambition) to reflect the sector’s vision and ambition.

The ATI provides strategic oversight of the R&T pipeline and portfolio: helping the UK realise growth by creating an ambitious portfolio of R&T projects – the Institute co-chairs the Strategic Review Committee with BEIS and advises on project investment. The ATI is backed by a joint Government-industry commitment to invest £3.9 billion in R&T to 2026.

As well setting the UK’s technology strategy, the Institute identifies global opportunities for UK organisations through its international engagement programme, and helps to connect the UK to the global sector.