MAPP is pleased to be hosting the AAMS in 2018. This event continues the series of Europe-wide Additive Manufacturing workshops and symposiums which began at the Max-Planck Institute in 2016 and follows a successful event in 2017 which was hosted by EMPA in Switzerland. The symposium will be held over two days on 3rd-4th September 2018 at Inox, the University of Sheffield.

This world-class event covers additive manufacturing technologies [AM] which include a metallic phase and is divided into 5 themes over the two days:

  • Phase transformations in AM-produced alloys
  • Alloy design
  • Advances in processing
  • Structural control by design
  • Novel concepts in alloy metamaterials

Oral and poster presentations that lie within this scope were invited. Contributions were especially encouraged from early career researchers and industrial research teams. The call for all abstract submissions is now closed. 

Registration for the event has now closed. Due to oversubscription we are unable to take any last minute requests to join the event. 

Delegates: Please note : Inox Conference Suite is on the 5th Floor of the University of Sheffield's Student Union Building, Durham Road, Sheffield S10 2TG. There will be signs directing you to the Symposium once you are in the building. The registration desk will open at 10.00 a.m. on Monday 3rd September. 

We have a fantastic line up of eminent international speakers, from both industry and academia, all the details are now in the programme below:


An image showing AAMS Programme Day 1 - An image showing AAMS Programme Day 1
AAMS Programme Day 1 (subject to change)
An image showing the AAMS Programme Day 2 - An image showing the AAMS Programme Day 2
AAMS Programme Day 2 (subject to change)

Our sponsors for the AAMS18 event are :

Zeiss -  Gold Sponsor

Zeiss logo (Gold Sponsor)

Carl Zeiss Microscopy is the world's only one-stop developer of light, X-ray and electron microscopes. The product range includes light microscopes, confocal systems for laser scanning microscopy, a full portfolio of electron and ion beam microscopes, and perfectly-tailored software solutions for image processing, image documentation and reporting. 

Thermocalc - Silver Sponsor

Thermocalc logo - Thermocalc logo
Thermocalc logo (Silver Sponsor)

Thermo-Calc Software is a leading developer of software and databases for calculations involving computational thermodynamics and diffusion-controlled simulations.

Calculations are based on thermodynamic databases produced by the CALPHAD method and databases are available for steels, Ti-, Al-, Mg-, Cu-, Ni-superalloys, HEAs, refractory oxides, slags and other materials.

Thermo-Calc: for performing thermodynamic calculations for multicomponent systems. Software Development Kits are available which enable Thermo-Calc to be called
directly from in-house developed software or MATLAB™. DICTRA: for accurate simulations of diffusion in multicomponent alloys.

TC-PRISMA: for predictions of concurrent nucleation, growth, dissolution and coarsening of precipitate phases.

Applications for additive manufacturing include generating chemistry and temperature dependent properties for FEM codes, where handbook data may be insufficient, predicting compositional segregation and phase formation during solidification, simulating the growth and dissolution of precipitate phases during thermal cycling and thermal post-processing and designing new alloys specifically tuned for AM processes.

Metalysis - Silver Sponsor

Metalysis logo - Metalysis logo
Metalysis logo (Silver Sponsor)

Metalysis is a growing U.K. headquartered company with a solid-state alloy powder technology which is lower-cost and more environmentally friendly than traditional production methods. Their technology began with the Fray-Farthing-Chen (“FFC”) Process invented at the University of Cambridge, UK. Now proven at industrial scale, it can generate high margins from the manufacture of a huge range of metals and alloy powders. They are used by a wide range of industries, including 3D printing applications, magnetic materials, light-weighting in aerospace and electric vehicle components in the automotive industries.

Inovar -  Drinks Reception Sponsor

Inovar logo - Inovar logo
Inovar logo (Drinks reception sponsor)

Oerlikon - Banner Sponsor

Oerlikon logo - Oerlikon logo
Oerlikon logo ( Banner Sponsor)

 Retsch -  Banner Sponsor

Retsch logo - Retsch logo
Retsch logo (Banner Sponsor)

Delegate information

The Leopold Hotel, Sheffield is offering a discounted rate, subject to availability at the time of booking, to those attending the AAMS Conference, go to Leopold Hotel website and enter promo code 71140066, to receive a discounted rate for your stay in Sheffield during the symposium. 

Please go to the University of Sheffield travel pages for information on travelling to Sheffield, and on public transport information during your stay.  

Alloys for Additive Manufacturing Symposium 2018